Welcome to Citizens’ Interactive Broadcasting (CIB).

Citizens’ Interactive Broadcasting is both an organisation and a movement.

As an organisation its services include:

  • Live and archived video and audio broadcasting of sporting events, community celebrations, conferences, concerts, and important family moments;
  • Training of community activists, citizen journalists, students, and others in the techniques of citizen broadcasting;
  • Promotion of citizen broadcasting, digital inclusion, community cohesion, and community and family celebrations.

The movement:

  • Citizens’ Interactive Broadcasting is a new movement – it is complementary to, but distinct from, social media, traditional broadcasting, and journalism.
  • Citizens’ Interactive Broadcasting is live and archived video and audio broadcasting via the internet using low cost, everyday equipment, with the facility for instant feedback from the viewer.
  • Citizens’ Interactive Broadcasting is being used to celebrate community events, open up conferences and meetings to wider audiences, transmit sporting achievements, and draw the world’s attentions to events mainstream media cannot or will not broadcast, including fighting in Syria, and mass demonstrations in Greece and Spain.

Other services
Never miss that tear-jerking, heart-stopping, or exciting family moment again
Have you ever missed your child or family members’ big moment in the school play, the choir performance, the sporting final, because you were away on business, in hospital or otherwise detained? This need never happen again. Do you have family members dispersed around the world who want to watch that big family occasion?  For a reasonable fee, CIB can live video stream your important family moment to the world, or exclusively to your computer, tablet, smartphone, internet-connected TV, or big screen.


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